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If you like to travel like an insider, no matter where your adventures take you, then you've landed on the right website.

We have urban and rural B&Bs, coastal, historic places, farmers and eco-B&B's.

Don't fancy hotels or lodges? No worries you still have us. The home-made breakfasts are the stuff sweet dreams are made of and worth your pallet.

All our B&B's have private baths, so let's dispel that myth right away. The perks are plentiful and most amenities are free, like free wi-fi, free parking, free snacks and, of course, that incredible breakfast that doesn't cost you an extra cent.

Our owners are the most knowledgeable concierges you'll ever meet and the concierge-to-guest measure is the best you'll ever experience. They're there when you need them and also know to give you your space.

You can have as much or as little interaction with other guests as you like.. You decide!


B&BAN membership is made up of Namibian Bed & Breakfasts that are committed to maintaining consistently high standards in guest accommodation. Membership comes with many advantages, not least of all the camaraderie and support of like-minded individuals.
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How about farm to table? Many of our owners have kitchen gardens to source ingredients for their breakfasts. Those that do not have an own garden support local Namibian farmers. Maybe you even stay long enough to see your breakfast grow?

Then there's the trend of eco-travel. Namibia's B&Bs have always strived for green tourism, as evidenced by B&B's that achieved voluntary certification through the Eco Tourism Awards Program of Namibia. We too love our land after all and want to share every water droplet and grain of sand with you.

For quality accommodation Namibia.